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Raising Money

We assess the prospects for your business or project, tune them up and then help you do what is necessary to make it all happen as quickly as possible.

Our style is similar to a mountain guide. We work with you in developing the plan, help with your training and preparation, provide specialist accessories and climb the mountain alongside you..

Bespoke Systems

Help You Sell Out

The first steps are similar to money raising but later stages include tax efficient deal structuring to allow you to retain more of the proceeds.

Tourist Attractions and Outdoor Activity Centre

We have worked with tourist attractions and an outdoor sports centre, such as a falconry, ski resort and downhill mountain biking.

Assistance in feasibility studies, management information, back office, cash and payments systems, obtaining planning permission and renewable energy assessment.

Corporate Venturing ... CVUK

We were the Scottish end of the DTI’s Corporate Venturing UK. project to match large business with innovative SME’s and products.

In large companies innovation is disobedience in carrying out the budget plan. We know what opportunities corporates find attractive. Deal structures and documents are ready to go.

Management Information .. Building Contractor

We produced management information from primary records.

From PAYE payroll, suppliers’ statements and banking records we produced management information showing the profitability of the business and guiding its future development. VAT reclaimed improved cash flow.

Mainland China

Bob our director spent 21 days touring mainland China in October 2009.

This was not primarily a business trip but much business relevant information was gathered about China in passing. Actual China may differ from western perceptions and some factors are more readily apparent when there.

Start Up & Run Virtual International Brand Image Business

We were the BAD (Boring Administration Dept) or suit,  in this Scottish based virtual company, all home workers linked by e mail.  

From concept to £1.25m sterling equivalent profitable turnover within eighteen months, BAD did everything that none of the others did. This included the business model and pricing, cash collection, bank accounts in five currencies, payroll employees in New York and Sydney Australia, administration, management information and simple tax planning.  

Renewable Energy and Rural Fuel

We have been watching renewable energy and rural fuel activity since our customers expressed interest in these areas.

Bob our director has worked in an electricity supply utility and we continue our activities on the fringes of the Oil and Gas energy industries. This base with several years watching developments around Scotland and the UK has us well placed to identify opportunities should they arise and to assist you in this area.   

Controlled Variable Buoyancy System ... CVBS

We were part of the Oil and Gas joint industry project developing a certificated design for the CVBS (controlled variable buoyancy system) for decommissioning 10,000 tonne offshore structures.

Our role included presenting the project for UK government grant support and claiming grant as deliverable stages were reached.   

We tailor systems to fit your need from the most suited of  the old and new resources in our toolbox.

A PC computer system we made increased factory productivity by two thirds with reduced  labour.

Another computer based job set documentation system freed  management from handwriting production instructions and let the business expand.

Our Services

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